Transformational Journey
 to Santorini
29th july-3th august
4th august-10.august

If you are truly ready for an amazing transformation in your life -
to live in abundance and freedom in all areas - love, health, work and money - you´ve come to the right place!
 Make your choice today and join transformational guide IISA in Santorini! 

This is not a course. This is a journey for life. True transformations taking place in one of the most special islands on earth. You are in the center of it all - the moment you arrive. Your energy flows while you experience the wonderful sunset in Oia. Your lifemap being drawn at a restaurant in Fira with a stunning caldera view. A waterproof actionplan made at red beach. The spiritual awakening in Akrotiri which open up your world for your transformation - and never change back. 

Santorini is the perfect place to transform your life! The combination of this amazing island and you releasing your old story and starting a new story - with all ingredients you need wrapped in a package so smart you will wonder what happend after you leave! 

Have you wanted to change something in your life and found it hard to do? No problem, using the program you can´t fail! Do you feel stuck sometimes and not sure about your next step in life? Relax and let us guide you to your next right step in all areas! 

Do you wonder about the meaning of your life or wishing it was easier to just be? Welcome -  where the spiritual and the everydaylife melt together for your transformation and happier life. Are you doing fine in some areas of life, maybe find it difficult in one or more of the 4 big ones - love, health, work or money? This is like a total makeover, a reprogramming - that lasts forever if you let it. 

This is a way of living, and in Santorini you will receive the receipe and how to use it!    

Amazing Santorini!

Santorini - the pictures and videos are not lying, and yet there is so much more than that! The island has hidden places we will show you, perfect for your transformation, energywork and mindblowing working days. It´s like flying into a movie and you are of course playing the leading role - except it´s not a movie, it´s for real - for 6 days and 7 nights, and when you go home you will continue living this way which you learn with iisas method. 

Walking in the streets of Santorini, friendly people, greek food, beaches, caldera, it´s high and low - but most of all it has a energy that will help you every day you stay. Your next steps for the journey of your life is planned in this uniq program these days, and still there is a lot of room for inviting your new story to explore and be born where ever you wander... like made for you - just right now. If you haven´t fallen in love with Santorini before you come, you will be filled with love and extreme energies which fills you up, and support you on your special journey.     

The results, the goals and the why...

Living your life like you where always meant to live. In love, passion and balance. The world is changing and you are in front, but it´s chill. You just are. Now, now and now. Clear about what to do and how to do it! Free from fear. Living in trust - connected to the universe and your guides. Living as time don´t exist. Have success. Embrace happiness...and so much more - we are making the program uniq for you, so it´s not possible to go wrong. You order. We deliver.  Do you want more "why" you should come? Let us tell you....

Imagine a journey where the program is designed for you. Just book your preferred place to stay. All you need to do is to arrive at Santorini airport, everything else is fixed for you. You have a lot of time to explore Santorini on your own if you wish, or with someone else also being here on a journey. 

You just bring yourself and everything you want to transform, and the program will be made for you, so when you leave your questions is answered and you are living in a new energyfield, with an pro actionplan that is working -  and new rituals in your transformed life... if you wish - it will never ever be the same as before you left home. It´s all up to you. What do you choose? Lets wrap it up point by point so you can see it even more clearly...

The "template" of the program looks like this before adding your wishes... Alladins Lamp, amazing program, Santorini - lets dance! 

  • Letting go of the story you don´t want to water anymore
  • Creating a new story you will be amazed to live every day
  • Master the art of manifesting without the need to believe 
  • Making the perfect actionplan for all your goals in life
  • Rising your spiritual world to a higher level to find what you seek
  • Energywork which brings you total calm in a different way 
  • New rituals in a special and fun way for easier integration
  • Meditation, healing, yoga... to help and to receive
  • A complete method with easy-to-use steps for your success
  • + much more - and the added wishes to your program   

When are you ready for your transformation? 

This summer you can choose from 2 different weeks - either week 31 or 32 

29th july-3th august 2019  

4th-10th august 2019 

About Santorini...

The place has something incredible that its actually hard to explain, I just say to people - you have to experience Santorini! You can look at the pictures, watch the video and read the articles, but still it´s not enough. Something happens when you come here, to meet yourself in Santorini with an open mind and just ready to grab whatever comes to you of ideas, thoughts, feelings, just being... Santorini is the perfect place to just be... and when you are 100% open (trust me you will be shortly after we start) for your transformation which this place helps you to, your life will change - and results will shine just in front of you every day. It´s quite magic!

Transformational Journey in so many ways... 

Our sessions is not in a boring meetingroom! Every day you will discover a new amazing place of Santorini - both in the program and your free time between sessions. We have special rooms for us to work in for our four places - listen to this, its music or what...  

  • ARRIVINGDAY: Sunday is arriving in Santoriniday. There is no program but we will be happy to help you if you arrive early and want to start exploring Santorini. 
  • MANIFESTINGDAY: Monday is beach-day in Kamari to land and get ready for transformation, design and manifest your new story! 
  • ACTIONDAY: Tuesday is Fira-day, the capital of Santorini, the caldera view and small superlovely streets!
  • ENERGYDAY: Wednesday is Akrotiri-day, is it the lost city of Atlantis? The energies are special there, the lighthouse, the space, perfect for new energy to activate!
  • RITUALDAY: Thursday is Oia-day, also a place with amazing energies, great to set new rituals in your life, the sunset is famous, hole Oia is an experience you never ever will forget! Here we will end the transformation-program and celebrate everything which is coming to you and focus especially on the now... words are not enough!
  • CHILLDAYS: Friday and Saturday is just for you! If you want any assistance we will be glad to guide you so you will have the best, visit other places in Santorini, relax on the beach, enjoying the caldera at a nice restaurant - or maybe dancing all night long? You are the master of your universe - what will the transformed you do? Maybe you will surprise yourself with your choices... Of course if you need any help with your plan, transformation etc we will guide you those days also - we are avilable. 
  • TRAVELLINGDAY: Sunday is time for you to go, with a fresh transformational week, lots of memories, actionplan, new rituals, goals that are important for you, balance, energy flowing and guides to support you every step of your journey... life is a journey - and only you hold the map. Let Santorini be a part of your lifejourney.

What´s included: 

  • Four morning-sessions from 9-12pm 
  • Four afternoon-sessions from 5-7pm 
  • Friday and Saturday: you receive the support you need for your next right step. 
  • A ton of transformation conversation during lunch and dinner
  • Transportation to the places from monday-thursday
  • Transport from and to the airport when you arrive 
  • Exclusive secret Transformation-group online so we can follow up when you come home to easier success for you
  • Your own transformation-book which will follow you from the moment you come here, and will help you every step on the way because it will be a combination of the transformation-method and your uniqness in this special book - it will be your diamond!
  • Photoshoot with photographer Ragnar and pictures afterwards
  • Soundfiles for you to use when you come home to alllow the transformation to be even bigger and to continue to grow on you

What´s not-included:

  • Your airplane-tickets
  • Accommodation - if you need tip for that, let us know, we will be happy to assist. 


  • You should order your ticket so you arrive on a sunday and leave on a sunday. If you wish to stay longer, you can of course - just let us know what dates you are coming and leaving. 

When do you arrive:

  • Book either week 31 or 32.  Pease come to Santorini one day (sunday) before we start: 
  • 29th july-3th august 2019   or 
  • 4th-10th august 2019 

Where will you stay:

  • When you first come here we want it to be perfect, so thats why you should choose so you will have the best place just for you. The program will be held in these four towns, so you will be exploring a lot, no boring meetingroom,  dont worry - we will pick you up every day...smooth and easy, so maybe it would be good for you to book one of the places we are going. No stress really, because the Island is small, so wherever you book will be fine. 

  • Kamari is for you that want to stay close to the beach, walking down the promenade with dusins of restaurants - perfect for relaxing in the evenings - focusing and chilling.. flowing... 
  • Fira is the capital of Santorini - so this is for you that like to be in the center, close to the shops, but also the caldera view... there is always something to explore and check out in Fira... 
  • Akrotiri is the place where you have space, a more calm place, with caldera view, this is for you that want to have it more quiet, soaking the energy of Akrotiri - feeling like a queen or king... 
  • Oia is the place everybody visit, so be prepared to not be alone, but at the same time you will always be able to feel that you are alone if you wish. A lot of small hotels just waiting for you, and of course you will have the amazing sunset of Oia every night... 

Barbro Rieser

I got to know Iisa one year ago and have followed her since then. There is a lot of different coaches out there and i have searched for the best to follow. And not only to follow and be inspired, but to really take action. Iisa has been and is a great coach in many ways. She is the best when it comes to helping me and a lot of other people to really take action and to really make changes on a deep level. Dont miss out on Iisa and her great personality! If you need to make changes in your live and if you really feel you are ready to take action, Iisa can really help you in this prosess. But of course we need to take the action and do the work ourself. Iisa is honest and spiritual. At the same time she is down to earth and genuin. Im so happy that i got the chance to get ti know her! A concret example on what she has inspired me to do, is to move out on the country, which has been a huge step in my live and so important as part of making changes. If you dont want to make changes and dont want to take action, i dont think Iisa is the right coach for you. I can, from the bottom of my heart recommand Iisa as your livecoach. Love from me to you

Rolf Mollvik

Iisa has done what nobody else has done. She inspired me to take action and do something about what I basically believe in, but have not ventured for fear of failure. She is a warm and genuine person, a true inspirator and a wonderful guide.

Anne Gro Veseth

Dear Iisa - you are completely true,honest and real. You kick and push people hard,very hard sometimes. But- you do it with love. So that I can see out side "the box", where I can see all my strength, power and possibilities. Where I can change my life to what ever my dreams and highest wishes in life are. Iisa-you are Amazing

Inger Helene Flatland Myrene

That I got your conception of life into my life Iisa was really the start of a new and better life. I've received so much from you that made me see the world from a new and better side.

Anne Bente

IISA is an inspiration both with tools and tricks to improve most parts of your life. Over the top engaged and interested in giving, spiritual and fun. And quick to kick butt if action does not follow the learning. Manifesting has become a natural part of everyday life. Still learning. Thank you IISA!


Iisa can really put feet under your ideas and dreams, and make them begin walking where you want them to move to reach your goals.

Gro Epland

She is so brave, just do it and it's infectious. I got the inspiration to move the focus up and forth to see opportunities and not be so busy by myself but rather see them I'll help. I have received a lot of inspiration from Iisa, and I would like to highlight 28 days in which the challenges are both inspiring and challenging to go past the comfort zone. There is a positive change in such a focus for 28 days in a row. Have also had 1 to 1 hour that was valuable. She is generous and gives a lot for free. But as Iisa says, you must take action yourself. Then lift your eyes up and look for the possibilities.

May Bodil

Iisa conveys, inspires, motivates and last but, most importantly, delivers 100% to you who want to succeed. Her patience along with a broad knowledge of body and soul makes me not lose all the skills that are learned. Many courses have been bought and paid earlier without giving me the results I have wanted. Iisa gives it all, your knowledge, be patient, ask questions, do the job and you will succeed with Iisa. I'm super thankful for course, contact, help and support. Iisa is highly recommended!

Eva Kloster

I’ve followed Iisa for about a year now. During this time, she’s been a great and very important inspiration to me. Her good spirit and love for everyone, her authenticity, her willingness to be imperfect, vulnerable, honest and a little crazy sometimes is exactly what I need. It gives me the hope and trust that I need to move on through difficult times, and to take action in areas that challenge me. With my teeth grinding and pulse sky rocketing, I’ve done FB lives, I’ve dared to ask for help, and I’ve dared to pay myself first, just to mention a few of the scariest things in my life. Iisa’s PW22 steps for manifesting the life that I want are easy to apply and have helped me to let go on a number of old stuck ideas and thoughts. In the communities of people that follow Iisa, I’ve met some of the most fantastic, beautiful, amazing, and loving people in my live. I’ve set my Venus goal and it’s so true to me that I truly enjoy every moment on my path towards it. With gratitude, Eva

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Iisa always says: pack your carbage and come! She promise you that when you leave it´s without the carbage - and with everything you earlier just dreamed about! 

This video is from last year, but its okei to see anyway. Find out more about the journey in this video, and how we work here - and get to know Iisa. Feel free to contact us - we will be happy to answer, use messenger by clicking the button,  or txt +47 415 85 226 and I will contact you - lots of love - iisa 

About IISA:

Iisa lives for transformation and see it as her mission in life, to connect with humans searching for change. To be in balance with the four big ones - love, health, work and money. To be spiritual aware and at the same time take action and the next right steps to live fully as the person you were meant to be. 

She has had so many challenges in life - from forced to take care of her self very young, going bankrupt and in 2013 getting incurable cancer - but still lives an amazing happy life. She moved to Santorini in august 2017 with Ragnar, after being an inspirational speaker in Norway many years. She has done all from theater projects, district-manager for 13 stores, leading mastermindgroups for business and selvdevelopment, different onlinecourses etc... 

but now settled in Santorini to focus 100% on transformation here.. because - even how cool meeting online is - it will never ever beat what happens when we sit together, work, talk, eat, walk, experience, energywork... transformation is best "live" - so a warm welcome to join us here in amazing Santorini!  

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