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How long does it take to change a life?

Is it possible to change a life quickly? I believe so – either it is freedom, love, work, health, finances. Listen to this audio blog to get inspired for your transformation. I tell about the method I am using to change faster, to receive better results without spending many years to change.

If you want to check out the Transformational Journey to Santorini, click HERE. 

Wishing you a lovely summer!

Iisa in Santorini

Change your energy – healing

Hello dear you. I want to give you a healing today for changing your energy, for balancing your energy in your body so it´s easier for you to meet whatever is going on in your life.

Maybe you want a transformation but find it hard to get there, or all the time getting back to an old story. This healing you can use as many times you like.


I will upload mp3 for you thiw week also so if you want you can download it to your phone and bring it with you to use whenever you need help with your energy.