1-1 or group session in Santorini  

This is not a coaching-session. This is a special Energy and strategi session for one person or for a group. We do it all in 60 minutes. Of course it requires that you really take action afterwards to get fully results. I am spiritual so I will work to transform your energy to the better. We also make your masterplan for your next right steps. 

But - dont worry you will get your plan finished. 

The reason why we can actually do this is because of the opposite way of working. The price for the 1-1 session is € 400. Groupsession € 600 (for max 8 people, more than 8 -  € 60 extra pr person).  

If you have questions or  want to book please contact me at messenger her: 


or  email: lindampe@gmail.com

Phone: +47 415 85 226 

Iisa always says: pack your carbage and come! She promise you that when you leave it´s without the carbage - and with everything you earlier just dreamed about! 

About IISA:

Iisa lives for transformation and see it as her mission in life, to connect with humans searching for change. To be in balance with the four big ones - love, health, work and money. To be spiritual aware and at the same time take action and the next right steps to live fully as the person you were meant to be. 

She has had so many challenges in life - from forced to take care of her self very young, going bancrupt and in 2013 getting incurable cancer - but still lives an amazing happy life. She moved to Santorini in august 2017 with Ragnar, after being an inspirational speaker in Norway many years. She has done all from theater projects, district-manager for 13 stores, leading mastermindgroups for business and selvdevelopment, different onlinecourses etc... 

but now settled in Santorini to focus 100% on transformation here.. because - even how cool meeting online is - it will never ever beat what happens when we sit together, work, talk, eat, walk, experience, energywork... transformation is best "live" - so a warm welcome to join us here in amazing Santorini!  

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