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“It takes one second to go from your old story to your new story. The challenge is staying in your new story. When you got the receipe, make the choice, commit, take action and do your energywork -

your hole world will change.”

Iisa Rigel

Iisa Rigel / Transformational Guide

This happens in Santorini 

Transformational Journey to Santorini

Imagine experiencing a true transformation in amazing Santorini in Greece just when it feels right for you. 4 days designed for you and you combine it with extra days if you also want to enjoy this very special island after your transformation! 

Personal energy transformation or group-session in Santorini 

Have you already planned a trip to Santorini? Great! Make your trip here perfect by booking a 1-1 or groupsession with Iisa, so you can transform your life while you are in Santorini. This will be your most amazing journey ever - if you allow it!

Transformational Hour in Santorini (coming soon) 

If you are coming to Santorini, be sure to book your ticket to iisas speech. A special hour for you to experience - transformational speaker iisa have done hundreds of speeches since 2011! 

This video is from one of iisas speeches in Norway, just to give you a feeling of the energy... here it is 800 people in the room - but iisa started with speaking for 3-4 persons, and delivered same value - it´s all about the persons in the room - not about how many...

Start now from your home?


Read/watch videoes in the blog from Iisa, so you can be inspired to take action in your life today. Read the blog HERE. 


Just want to get started quick and almost for free? Follow the 22 steps and create your new story.  The Manifesting Book is HERE for you. 

Why this is truly transformational 

Starting in the opposite direction to transform quicker and more powerful!

Have you tried changing and it did´nt work the way you wanted? It´s normal, because your thoughts and feelings are limiting you.

Iisa is working in a extreme powerful way which allow you to transform no matter what situation you are in today and what your past is. She is using the MAER-method. 



In stead of starting in your thinking, you learn how you can transform by always manifesting everything you want!



By making and following your very own transformational plan you will easier do your next right step every day - "do the do"! 



Your state of energy and energyflow and balance is crucial for your transformation. Be guided and also learn to heal yourself - stand in your power!



One of the biggest reasons people dont succeed is lack of great habits. By transforming your old story with new rituals your life changes for good!


 Be willing to do Whatever It Takes to transform your live! 


Transformational meetings with people is my passion. Everybody can transform. I did. From a hard time growing up, bancrupt and incurable cancer... I believe in "smart miracles", living an amazing life here in Santorini - to receive inspiration for your transformation check out my blog... 

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Sometimes you just gotta do the do! 


"Live like it already happened." 

"You don´t know where it comes from. Open up. Be curious."

"Live without time. Now. "


Journey to Santorini

Coaching in Santorini

Speeches in Santorini